• Recognition

Congratulations to these Mexico Trip Winners

As a way to say “thanks” to our top-performing operators, we’re taking more than 70 leaders and a guest of their choice on an all-expense paid trip to Mexico! From April 10-14, our “Best of the Best” team will enjoy time with their team and guest at Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort, an all-inclusive hotel located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Congratulations to the team below: Alfredo…

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  • Giving

Apply Now: Border Foods & Carol Williams Scholarships

At Border Foods, investing in you is top priority. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Border Foods and Carol Williams Scholarship Awards to the team. Both awards are unique in their own ways, but also share one goal: to help Border Foods team members pursue higher education. Applications will be accepted and reviewed by ISTS, the same third-party vendor responsible for reviewing Live Más Scholarship applications. Check out the…

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  • Culture

Introducing: The Heart of Border Foods Award

As most of you know, Carol Williams was an integral part of our business since inception. When she began working with Taco Bell 30 years ago, we knew there was something special about Carol. Sure, she could make a taco, manage a restaurant, oversee an area. But she could also help a team member fulfill a dream, capture goals and put them into action, listen when it mattered most, and…

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  • Training and Development

Why Team Member Tenure and Training Matters to Us

At Border Foods, we’re working hard to build from within. That means we want our team members to explore opportunities inside the company. Retaining talent, and helping our team members grow, is the difference between being the Best Place to Work and just the next quick service restaurant on the block. When we improve retention, we can: Continue to strengthen bonds and family culture Reduce training costs Perform as a…

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  • Human Resources

What is the BorderShare Program?

BorderShare is a multi-million-dollar retirement program developed for above restaurant leaders, leadership team and select o ce team members. You can think of the BorderShare Program as a separate compensation plan that is based on annual company performance. The more you succeed in your job, the better the company performs year over year. With more company success, more money will be invested in the deferred compensation plan. So far, Border…

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  • Team Member Spotlight

Team member spotlight: Leah Ruuti

Leah Ruuti was just 16 when she started working at store 1828 in Grand Rapids, MI. Since that day, she hasn’t looked back. “Of course there were other things I thought I’d grow up and do,” Leah says with a laugh. “But ultimately I just completely fell in love with the Taco Bell brand.” Today, Leah is a key leader and recently promoted region coach in Michigan. While she’s only…

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  • Analytics

The importance of metrics in our business and culture

Weekly metrics reports. Restaurant rankings. Daily monitoring. Let’s face it: Analytics are a way of life at Border Foods. But there’s a reason why data sharing is so important to us. Our focus on metrics compliments our company mission – to create a family culture that develops people and provides opportunity. Metrics don’t just drive our business. They help: Identify opportunities or team member development and coaching. Improve the guest…

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