We’re about more than just tacos

Giving back is part of our existence. Sure, at the end of the day, we’re in business because of the Mexican food everyone loves. But the core of business is much more than that. As leaders in the quick service industry, it’s our responsibility to give where we can and support the communities we do business in. That’s why on average, we make more than $150,000 in charitable contributions every year.

Why and How We Give

With restaurants in six states, our giving is spread out across the country. While geographically diverse, one theme remains the same: We want to serve our communities through generosity. When it comes to making a donation, here’s what our Community Engagement Team keeps top of mind:

  • Is the organization a 501c3?
  • Does the organization have a connection to our team members?
  • Is the organization prominent in the communities we do business in?
  • How will our donation make an impact?

Causes we typically support:

Youth development

Curbing Hunger

Higher education

Community improvement

Request a donation

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