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Team Member Spotlight: Sha Hopson



Sha Hopson began working for Border Foods May 15th, 1996. That means we celebrated her 25th year with us on Saturday. Congratulations Sha! And thank you for your hard work and dedication to our company.

What location do you work at? and what is your current position? 

I have worked at the Suburban Ave, St Paul, MN location for 25 years. Currently I’m the RGM of this location.

What’s something you look forward to at work? 

I look forward to achieving my goals and working with my crew. I enjoy seeing a lot of my favorite, long time customers that are really faithful to our store.

What’s something that makes you unique? 

I am shy, but also feisty.

Tell us about something you’ve accomplished. 

I’ve accomplished a lot throughout the years, but becoming a signature restaurant is my top accomplishment.

What’s one menu item that every Taco Bell fan should try? 

Past item: the Grande Taco
Current favorite: the Crispy Chicken Chalupa

If you could choose to spend a day doing anything, what would it be? 

I would spend a day at the spa, and shopping.

Any advice for fellow team members about a day on the job? 

Set goals, focus on them, and execute.

Share a few fun facts about yourself. 

I love playing basketball (ask Ken Lund about my skills… lol), volleyball, bowling and shopping.