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Team member spotlight: Brenden Ohlemacher-Lonetti


Brenden’s a service champion for Border Foods. He joined us in the Buffalo location his senior year of high school, two years ago. He’s attending college out East and working for us when he’s back home on break in Buffalo, MN. We are more than happy to have him for the summer!

Tell us about yourself outside of Border.

I’m currently in school for criminal justice at Lancaster Bible College. It’s out in Pennsylvania so I’m working here for the summer and I’ll be heading back out East in late August. I come to work when I am home on break and want hours.


Border is very flexible with my school schedule.

What’s something you do as an individual to help the Buffalo location achieve success?

Most of what I do is by the window. I usually take drive-thru orders or hand out the food. I also end up stocking stuff for the window (sauces, cups, etc.), and make sure customers get everything they ask for.

Any advice for a fellow team member?

Don’t get discouraged by one mess-up, because there are going to be a lot. If you have a “mess-up,” your day will get better, because there’s going to be that one customer that you love to see. It’s reassuring when you get a good customer.

What’s your favorite part of working for Border Foods?

I went out of state for school this year and I still have the job. I just wasn’t on the schedule. It was nice to know I had a place to work, and come back when I could. Also, my manager (Juli) is awesome.  She makes the schedule flexible.

Are you looking to be promoted?

I am not really looking to be promoted now while I am busy with school, but you never know… it could be a possibility!