Investing in your higher education

When it comes to our team members, we’ll do just about anything to support their passions. Knowledge is power and we believe furthering education can open the door to opportunities with us and beyond. We live that belief through our commitments to the following programs:

Border Foods Scholarship Program

Carol Williams Scholarship Program

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Live Más Scholarship Program


Border Foods Scholarship Program

Border Foods team members who are seeking higher education may be eligible to apply for a company scholarship. Money granted can go toward tuition and other school costs.

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Carol Williams Scholarship Program

Known as one of the greatest Taco Bell operators of all time, Carol Williams got her start at Border Foods in the late 1990s. She’s responsible for the foundation in which our company sits on today, and she’s the founder of our deeply rooted family culture. When Carol passed away in 2018, she left a profound legacy behind. Her passion for people, operations and great service will live on in the Heart of Border Foods Award and this scholarship program.

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How to Apply

Border Foods Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Be a current employee of Border Foods;
  • Currently pursuing post-secondary education;
  • Employed at least three months with an average of 18 hours/week.

Carol Williams Scholarship Eligibility is the Same as Above PLUS:

  • Employed at least ONE YEAR with an average of 18 hours/week.

Interested in thousands of dollars in scholarship money?

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