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Team member spotlight: Mason Kerr


Mason Kerr started with us at the Duluth-Central Entrance Taco Bell in September of 2020. He’s currently working as a food champion, looking to be promoted to a manager. We are excited to get to know more about Mason! 

What’s something that makes you unique?

I love building things. 

Tell us about something you’ve accomplished.

I built a resin river table for a school project which cost $500 in parts. 

What’s one menu item that every Taco Bell fan should try?

Cheesy bean and Rice burrito with sour cream, but have it grilled!

If you could choose to spend a day doing anything, what would it be?

I would spend time fishing for catfish on the St. Louis River. 

Any advice for fellow team members about a day on the job?

Stay calm. And don’t be afraid to have fun!

Share a few fun facts about yourself. 

I am 17 years old. I love nature, fishing and being outside. I want to be a welder some day.