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Border Team Spotlight: Buffalo, Minnesota


Buffalo, MN’s Taco Bell is off the main drag in Buffalo. Despite the location, the Taco Bell there is one of the busiest, and a model restaurant in the area!

We wanted to know the secret to the Buffalo location’s success. What’s a better way to find out than to talk to the team in person? So, we took a trip to Buffalo to chat with some of the outstanding team members. We learned about how their team works together and supports each other, and has fun while doing it. The word “family” was used so many times throughout our conversations. The way the team members work together like they are one big family is definitely a reason for their success, and we don’t want to keep that a secret!

We were fortunate enough to hear from team members: Juli Froehlig (manager), Alisa Korbel, Reno Knutson and Brenden Ohlemacher-Lonetti.

Juli Froehlig (current Restaurant General Manager) landed at Border Foods seven years ago after responding to a Craigslist ad. She’s responsible for opening the Buffalo location in 2015, and plays a huge role in the success of the restaurant.

Alisa Korbel started over five and a half years ago at the Buffalo location as a team member. She currently is working as a team member, with hopes of becoming an AGM. Alisa likes the positivity from the team everyday when she goes to work.

Reno Knutson joined the Border team in Buffalo almost a year ago with intentions of becoming a shift lead. He worked hard and was promoted within four months! Reno advises others to follow his lead and do their best. He is proof that hard work will be rewarded.

Brenden Ohlemacher-Lonetti began at the Buffalo TB his senior year of high school more than two years ago. He is currently enrolled in college out East. While he is home on summer break, Brenden works with us and we are happy to have him back!