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2023 Rally Wrap Up: Saucy Sales, Awards & Good Fun


It’s one of the most festive times of the year companywide. We just concluded rah rah recognition rallies in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. In total, an estimated 275 team members showed up to these events!

Our people are met with excitement the minute they enter — high fives, party music and chatter grows with intensity. It’s obvious that Border Foods rallies are “come as you are” events where hoodies, baseball caps and Taco Bell merch are welcome.


At Border Foods, when we rally as a company, we relish in reasons to celebrate! President Aaron Engler shared recent company successes with the Minnesota crowd: year-to-date comp sales of 22.7 percent, 2022 sales hitting $490 million and companywide fundraising pulling in $2.5 million for Taco Bell Foundation’s Round Up program.

From the most motivated individual team members to outstanding teams in our restaurants, we work hard to call attention to everyone’s best efforts. Here are more cheer-provoking highlights:

  • Award presentations in Minnesota kicked off with the reveal of three unsuspecting but well deserving Heart of Border Foods recipients: kindhearted RGM Donald Mendoza; Loss Prevention Manager Ed Heskett, a man of true integrity; and the lively Area Coach Zack Shumaker;
  • Jose Jimenez was named RGM of the Year; Miguel Avila, AC of the Year; and Ken Lund, Region Coach of the Year;
  • We announced the launch of a new in-house reward program for managers called Club Fuego;
  • Restaurants with the highest sales (Stinson, MN made $5 MILLION in 2022!) and fastest drive-thru speed of service were celebrated, among the many other restaurant-level achievements;
  • “Best of the Best” trip winners found out they’re going to Mexico in March!
  • And many more deserving individuals (see the full list) were recognized for their service (congrats to Julilyn Sargent for 40 years!), leadership and commitment to excellence.

Minnesota Rally

Michigan Rally