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2023 Award Winners: Leaders that Lead!


All of our team members are “awesome sauce,” but each year, a new list of passionate leaders and high achievers emerges. And we celebrate these individuals LOUD and PROUD at our annual company rallies.

Check out some of the people who go above and beyond what’s expected of them. They inspire, motivate, support … they help to cultivate and develop the next wave of leaders for Border Foods. These are true role models we’re lucky to have among our ranks.


Heart of Border Foods

Inspired by our former beloved vice president of operations, the Heart of Border Foods Award is the highest honor bestowed upon anyone in the Border Foods family. Individuals are nominated by their own teams; these people have más heart and embody all that is good in our company culture.

Donald Mendoza, RGM: Heart of gold

Ed Heskett, Loss Prevention Manager: The legend

Zack Shumaker, Area Coach: He Livens up any room!


General Manager of the Year:

Jose Jimenez, Woodbury


Area Coach of the Year:

Miguel Avila, Area 18


Region Coach of the Year:

Ken Lund, Region 8

And our list of award winners continues …


General Manager Circle of Excellence

Jackie Lamoureux, Marinette
Kent Farris, St. Cloud


Area Coach Circle of Excellence

Heather Aos, Area 31

Regional GMs of the Year

Barb Bunney, North Street
Isaac Aguilar, Maple Grove Pkwy
Heidi Stottler, Monticello
Jake Woltjer, Zeeland
Jose Jimenez, Woodbury
Kevin Stimeling, Henderson Street
Kristy Shoemaker, Paw Paw
Shelly Aguilar, Hopkins

Regional AGMs of the Year

Allannah Weisbaum, Albion
Allison Archambault, Faribault
Elisha Schwardt, Alexandria
Jennifer Hodge, Plainfield
Jon Clement, Blaine
Melissa Kaiser, Laramie
Rafeal Guerrero, Perryville
Richard Arce, Hopkins


80 “Best of the Best” Winners!


Customer Maniacs: Exceptional Guest Service

Aaron Pierson
Aharon Bulter
Alijah Argenti
Amanda Domitz
Andrew Harper
Anthony Perez
Antonio Ruiz
Arthur Shattuck
Bonnie Whitt
Branon Bowling
Brian Mason
Brittany Black
Brooklyn Evenson
Carl Parker
Carmen Rodriguez
Casey Soltau
Chanse Thao
Charles Walker
Christopher Elsen
Christopher Wilson
CM Itipen
Cody Ghant
Colemen Christopher
Daniel Cathey
Darcy Meeker
David Knutson
Davion Almazon
Devoid Henson
Deborah Davison
Dejon Calhoun
Dominic Belmontez
Dorle Rieger
Emma Strauss
Gwen Morris
Hailey Deboer
Haley Brehm
Halie Holbrook
Hunter Ogden Gardner
Isaiah Heath
Jackson Adams
James Smith
Jamie Hewartson
Jamila Diallo
Jayla Bohanon



Jazzalyne Bills Griffin
Jeffrey Smith
Jerry Gibson
Jessi Adams
Joseph Canarr
Juan Liciaga
Julio Huertas
Karl Hollins
Kayla Slesar
Keelin Brown
Kerianna Briggs
Kobe Willits
Kyla Gonzales
Lai Chang
Lamont Mason
Leo Santos
Leon Koskelea
Lili Smith
Lily Benedict
Linda Altematt
Linda Frisbee
Linda Walker
Loren Botts
Marisela Gutierrez
Matthew Champeau
Melody Hilton
Penny Hansen
Piage Massey
Quentin Cochran
Quinn Rozek
Reanna Mesa
Ruqaiyah Abdulhave
Sabrina Hargan
Serenity Benson
Sharon Engel
Shelly Turner
Shyanne Brown
Tamara Hemminger
Tayshia Shankle
Terrie Brasch
Timothy Koker
Venesa Overton
Zach Barker