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Best of the Best Trip: Look Who’s Going to Mexico!


It’s one of the BEST times of the year!

After reviewing performance metrics for 2022, we recently surprised a whole crowd of unsuspecting managers, coaches and support staff at Border Foods’ recognition rallies with news that they’ve landed spots at our annual “Best of the Best” getaway! 

Winners get an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico for themselves and a guest of choice. This year, we’re taking top performers to Secrets Moxché in Playa del Carmen in March!

Hey, check this place out:

Congratulations to our 2023 “Best of the Best” winners:


Alicia Clement, Albertville
Alyse Eckert, Hudson
Alyssa Harrison, Wyoming Blvd
Andrea Ramirez, Fridley
Barb Bunney, North Street
Brandon Rosillo, Fairmont
Brittany Caldwell, Monmouth
Calista Korbel, Buffalo
Carsten Meyer, Lakeville North
Casey Bertrand, Rawlins
Cesar Figueroa, Nathan Lane
Chad Zinda, Little Falls
Daniel Mulhair, Spearfish
Debora Sanchez, Hillcrest
Denise Vogt, Edinburgh
Donald Mendoza, Brooklyn Center
 (Heart of Border Foods)
Edgar Muneton, Eden Prairie
Edna de Leon, Edina
Erika Vanotterloo, S Washington
Gerardo Dominguez, Lake Street
Heather Schwartz, Willmar
Heidi Stottler, Monticello
Isaac Aguilar, Maple Grove Pkwy
Ismael Guzman, Bloomington
Jackie Lamoureux, Marinette
 (Circle of Excellence)
Jake Woltjer, Zeeland
Jason Mcneil, Northland
Jennifer Peloquin, Ulysses
Jose Jimenez, Woodbury
 (GM of the Year!)
Josh Cushman, Marshall
Kent Farris, St Cloud
 (Circle of Excellence)
Kevin Stimeling, Henderson Street
Kristy Shoemaker, Paw Paw
Laura Swenson, Perryville
Lindsay Wuhrman, Marinette
Mary St Clair, Maple Grove
Nicole Terry, Golden Valley
Nicole Zinther, Menominee
Nid Lee, Vadnais Heights
Noah Westrahall, Ionia
Paula Volenski, Allegan
Purnell Morales-Barnes, Cottage Grove
Ryan Spindler, Alexandria
Sandy Avila, Richfield
Shawn Mcaleese, Hastings, MN
Shelly Aguilar, Hopkins
Stacey Hale, Deforest
Timothy “TJ” Wegler, Osseo
Vera Calle Sanchez, Stinson
Will White, Lowell


Craig Curit, Region 5
Grant Schofield, Region 3
Jarret Persons, Region 10
Kasey Baeza, Region 4
Ken Lund, Region 8 (RC of the Year!)
Louann Hansen, Region 6
Pam Hare, Region 1
Steve Daggett, Region 2


Alfredo Briones, Area 10
Amanda Hobbs, Area 9
Brian Ennen, Area 3
Connie Horan, Area 40
Dawn Vanmaanen, Area 27
Deb Fraser, Area 32
Felix Garcia, Area 15
Frank Tuka, Area 23
Heather Aos, Area 31
 (Circle of Excellence)
Jenn Coleman, Area 5
Juli Froehlig, Area 45
Melvin Mora, Area 11
Miguel Avila, Area 18 (AC of the Year!)
Nathan Besler, Area 33
Nic Gerry, Area 13
Octivia Erickson, Area 2
Tina Brown, Area 39
Zack Shumaker, Area 14
 (Heart of Border Foods)


Brittney Lundeen, Accounts Payable Specialist
Ed Heskett, Loss Prevention Manager
 (Heart of Border Foods)
Joel Wohlers, Staff Accountant
Maricela Alatorre, Benefits Specialist