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Introducing: The Heart of Border Foods Award


As most of you know, Carol Williams was an integral part of our business since inception. When she began working with Taco Bell 30 years ago, we knew there was something special about Carol. Sure, she could make a taco, manage a restaurant, oversee an area. But she could also help a team member fulfill a dream, capture goals and put them into action, listen when it mattered most, and so much more. Her innate ability to lead propelled her through the Border Foods career path, moving her from team member to sole leader of our Taco Bell business as the Vice President of Operations.

Over the last 20-some years, Carol both shaped our company culture and encouraged team members to follow in her footsteps along the way. To that end, it’s with great pride that we formed the Heart of Border Foods Award, inspired by Carol Williams.

The award was built to honor the traits we valued in Carol and inspire all Border Foods team members. Leadership happens throughout the inner workings of our business, not just in a corner office. It transpires behind the counter, in front of the customer, in the back of the house. It shows up in your conference calls, your team huddles, your area and region meetings. Congratulations to the three 2018 recipients – Sharla Hennek, Pam Hare and Aurora Tapia. We’re honored to celebrate this inaugural group, and look forward to the impact our culture will continue to have in coming weeks, months and years ahead.