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When it comes to making lives better at Border Foods, there’s usually plenty to taco ‘bout! 

One place we review with laser focus is the “back of house” or kitchen area. Behind-the-scenes updates can go a long way for comfort, ease, convenience and efficiency. And that’s what we want for our people! Enter … Border Foods’ first installation of rolling rack shelving on a track. 

Simply investing in better layout and equipment gives team members the safe, clean environment they deserve.

All About the Install

As part of a product test underway at our newly remodeled South Washington Taco Bell in Holland, MI, the new, easily movable shelving has our facilities and remodel teams excited. If it works well, 56 other restaurants owned by Border Foods with the same or similar layout (small kitchens with little dry storage space) could greatly benefit — at a reasonable cost.

According to VP of Facilities Brian Davies, the addition of just three shelves increases one location’s storage by more than 50%!

”The remodel team [has] been looking for cost-conscious options to increase dry storage room without having to do additions to the buildings or lose seating in the lobby,” Brian shares. So while updates to storage impact the team, it doesn’t disrupt the guest experience. It’s a win-win!

And, just a couple of weeks in, we’re already hearing good things. Restaurant General Manager (RGM) Sara Van Beek says her crew at South Washington loves the new shelving.

“We definitely gained space, not only for storage/shelving, but it opened up our back of house and created more floor space as well,” she says. Area Coach Hanna Wright agrees saying, “it has been a great solution for limited space.”

According to Brian, this simple, low-cost improvement creates efficiency that makes work better. It’s about addressing team needs now and in the future. “We’re spending for the best long-term benefits for the company.” 

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