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Brian Davies Celebrates 38 years with Border Foods


At Border Foods, we’re lucky enough to have many incredible, tenured employees. After celebrating accomplishments at the Border Foods rally this winter, and after reviewing the list of folks who have been with us for decades, we think it’s only fitting that we highlight a few special anniversaries. Join us in a fun new series where we’ll touch base with employees who truly feel more like family. Next up, Brian Davies!

Border: What is your current title?

Brian: Vice President Facilities


Border: When were you hired, and what title back then?

Brian: 3/21/1985 as a Cashier


Border: Why have you stayed with Border for all these years?

Brian: This is an easy one. I have stayed with Taco Bell and Border Foods because of the people.  I have been lucky enough to work for some amazing leaders over my years.  I worked for Carol before Border Foods as well as during Border Foods.  I still remember interviewing with Lee when he and Jeff were purchasing the restaurants from Taco Bell Corporate and how at ease he made me feel about what it would be like to work for his franchise organization.  Over the next several years I worked for Barb, Jeff, and now Aaron.  There isn’t a single person that hasn’t made my work experience an amazing adventure and learning opportunity.  


Border: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your time with us?

Brian: Treat people the way you would want to be treated.


Border: What would you say to a new hire, or someone starting their career with Border Foods?

Brian: I have been lucky enough to bring several people onboard over the years and a few recently. I always tell them, “You will be family when you join Border Foods and our goal is for you to retire with this company!”


Border: What makes Border different than another QSR?

Brian: Ok, now I sound like a broken record! It’s the people. Everyone from the Team Member in the restaurant to our Founders are people you can talk to and relate to.


Border: What’s your favorite Taco Bell menu item?

Brian: Chili Cheese Burrito


Border: Name three people at Border (employed or past employees) who helped you where you are today. 

Brian: There are way too many to only list three, I would hate to leave anyone out. However, the people I have worked with the longest and can attribute the majority of my learning from are Carol and Jeff Williams and Barb Schneider.  Each managed so differently and taught me different ways to look at the business and how to make myself and my team better.