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Meet Soni: She Brings the Sauce to East North Street


Team Member, Sonrisa “Soni” Stafford makes people laugh all the time. She’s not sure how but it’s something she’s become endearingly known for. Another thing Soni’s known for? Her signature catchphrase.

“Let’s get saucy” is Soni’s trademark line she says (since Taco Bell is famous for its sauces). This is how she adds flair to the guest experience — and a little personality. Soni says one of many great reasons to work for Taco Bell and Border Foods is simply because it’s a place where you’re able to be yourself.

More About Soni

Soni is part of the team at our East North Street Taco Bell in Rapid City, SD. She returned to Border Foods about a year ago after some time away, having first worked for us at the ripe age of 14. She remembers just loving that first job — it’s why she’s back.

“It’s been awesome,” she says. “I love my team and I love working there.”

During a typical day, Soni spends time in the front and back of the house, but interacting with guests is really where she shines.

A lot of them are regulars, so were very familiar with them,” she says. “Just seeing their smiles and then coming in every day, it just makes us really happy. 

On Teamwork, Encouragement

At Border Foods, we’re big on putting our core values into action. It’s not difficult when you’ve got the right people!

Soni shares a bit about her team and how they embody teamwork, one of those magical values that really helps set the culture.

Teamwork is magical — it really helps set the culture.

We are very good at encouraging each other,” she says. “We work great together, we are very supportive of each other. And that helps us be a better team member and execute more accurately.

Soni insists that encouragement is her team’s “No. 1 thing” and at East North Street, she says, you can definitely expect to see it all day long.

What else can you expect? Diversity — diversity in people and variety in what you do. And opportunities to move up and grow your career. So go ahead, find your Taco Bell job today!

“Working at Taco Bell is very diverse … that’s what makes it comfortable.” -Soni Stafford, team member.