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The Values We Live, for the Customers We Love


At Border Foods, our values act as the principals for how we serve our communities and interact with our teams. We’re proud to share our Core Values below:

We are collaborative with one another to improve our potential for success; never hesitating to give or receive guidance, support, and encouragement.

We take initiative, embrace challenges, and work to exceed expectations while striving to realize opportunities for continuous improvement.

We are willing and able to take responsibility for our actions and their impact on performance outcomes; acknowledging and investing in the commitments we make

We have the courage to be authentic, honest, and truthful with ourselves and others; regardless of the outcomes

We seek and share ideas to help others succeed; creating and leveraging tools, resources, and information that foster personal and business growth.

We are empathetic, supportive, and accepting of one another to ensure everyone feels safe, valued, and appreciated while pursuing a unified mission