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Brandon’s Best of the Best Year Begins


Manager Brandon Wagner’s year is off to a pretty saucy start. Fresh off the plane from Cancún, Mexico (our treat!), Brandon has been flying high in recent months with extra attention and recognition from within the company.

Brandon is Border Foods’ GM of the Year, which earned him a coveted spot in Cancún for our annual all expenses paid “Best of the Best” (BOTB) reward trip. Part of his recent success has been in transforming an underperforming restaurant into a training location, he shares. Training restaurants provide a safe space for to train our people internally for the next level up in their careers.

As for BOTB, the trip was a blast. For Brandon, it was his first trip out of the country! “This is freakin’ awesome … it’s amazing,” he gushed mid-trip. 

At Border, we believe everyone deserves a break.

And, we give credit where credit is due! We’ve made internal recognition super easy with our new online form. Anyone at any location can now give a “shout out” to co-workers or supervisors by simply taking the time to submit feedback.

About Brandon

Brandon joined Border Foods in 2019 when our company acquired the Quad Cities market. He’s been with the Taco Bell brand since 2003. Today, he serves as Restaurant General Manager (RGM) for our Bettendorf, IA Taco Bell, which is one of about 13 Border Foods’ Taco Bells in the Quad Cities. Thanks to his time in Cancún, he can now add “Best Dressed Male” to his list of recent accolades, one of several “on the fly” awards created during the trip to dial up the fun factor. 

“We’re Taco Bell, we live más …”
– Brandon Wagner, RGM