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Many of our top performers are sun-kissed, having just returned from Border Foods’ company-sponsored “Best of the Best” (BOTB) rewards trip in Cancún, Mexico.

Bringing the best of Border and the ‘Bell straight to the beach!


To snag a seat at BOTB is a big deal around here. The majority of this year’s trip winners represent the top 20% of our 250-plus Taco Bells. And as many will tell you, they’ve got their teams to thank for stellar metrics.


“I have my team to thank for this. They really went above and beyond.” -Skyla Behm, RGM


“This … is the largest awards trip in the [Taco Bell] system,” company President Aaron Engler shared in his toast to guests. “So you guys keep doing what you do and we’ll keep doing more of this for you!”

BOTB 2024 welcomed excited first-time winners Skyla Behm (St. Paul, MN) and the destination’s “Best Dressed Male,” Brandon Wagner (Bettendorf, IA), both of whom had never been to Mexico (Brandon said he’d never been out of the country!) We had repeat winners, too — Heather Schwartz has been to BOTB eight times!

“We’re Taco Bell, we live más …” – Brandon Wagner, RGM

Trip highlights included optional excursions and watersports, delectable meals, fun in the sun, and leisure time. We also had fun conjuring up on-the-fly awards like “Best Color” for Heather Aos (is it a tan or a sunburn?), “Pool Table Shark” (thank you, TJ Wegler!) and “Pool Hostess” Luann Fuerstenburg. 

It was a fun time — let the countdown for next year’s trip begin!