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Border Foods Welcomes Aaron Engler into President Role


For the last few years, we have embarked on a journey to grow our business from 80 to more than 200 restaurants. Today, we’re excited to share that the strategy we seeded years ago has evolved into what we are today – a leading Taco Bell franchisee with a meaningful purpose: To Make Lives Better.

As founders of this company, we’ve acted as CEO and Chairman together for years. And while we love being in the business, we know it’s time for yet another new Border Foods chapter.

Image of Aaron Engler
Aaron Engler, new President and CFO of Border Foods

We’re ready to welcome new thinking, a more collaborative approach to leadership, and more accountability across teams. We’re also eager to spend more time in acquisitions, a part of the business that we both feel passionate about. To that end, please join us in congratulating Aaron Engler in his new role as President and CFO of Border Foods.

Aaron has been part of the Border Foods family since he was 15, finding summer work in the restaurants and aiding the Facilities Department. Throughout his college years, Aaron worked with the Technology Department, learning the intricacies of the back of house, POS and office systems. After a few years as Director of Marketing at our sister company, Delaget, Aaron rejoined Border as Director of Corporate Initiatives, leading special projects across teams. Just last year he became Chief Financial and Administrative Officer where under his leadership, the Finance Department successfully implemented NetSuite, a new Enterprise Resource Plan across the company.

In his role as President, Aaron will lead the Leadership Team, where together they’ll manage operations, development, finance and technology. Aaron will report directly to the Board of Directors as we move into a Strategic Advisory role. This scalable approach to leadership allows us to build a bridge across departments, continue to move away from a siloed leadership approach, and make room for new ideas and strategies.

It’s time for the next generation of leadership to begin shaping the Border Foods future.

Congratulations, Aaron! We look forward to watching you grow in this role.