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Border Foods: Good Vibe and Inclusive


This is Rosalie “Rose” Nevarez, Restaurant General Manager (RGM) of our Rapid City, SD, Taco Bell. We caught up with her during filming for the company’s quarterly video newsletter, a portion of which was filmed on location at her restaurant.

Rose says getting ready for the video team and the presence of company leadership was nerve racking for her team. 

But I think deep down they’re kind of like how I am now, like, Okay, this is super exciting because I’ve never done anything like this with any of the previous jobs I’ve had,” Rose explains. 

“Its exciting to know people of Border Foods want to come to our location and see us, and see my team and see how they work,” she continues. I see it as very elevating and I’m sure they do, too.

Visiting various locations is part of Border Foods’ commitment to being on the ground and in its restaurants. It’s part of building a culture of family, inclusion and teamwork from the top all the way down to the restaurant level. These are just some of our core values.

Here, I feel like I have an opinion and I have a voice.” -Rose Nevarez, RGM

Longing for Something Different

Rose joined Border Foods three years ago after no longer being happy with her previous job, and also realizing she wanted to get back into restaurant management. She applied for an open position and once hired, never looked back. That was toward the end of the pandemic.

She says company policies during COVID were similar between Taco Bell and her previous employer, so that didn’t require much of an adjustment, but the latter was definitely feeling the pain of the pandemic. 

“They were closing down, cutting hours,” she says in reflection. But Taco Bell didn’t appear to feel quite the same impact, from Rose’s perspective. At Border Foods, she could see there was more growth potential. Today, Rose is on track to become an Area Coach someday.

What else is different about Border Foods?

I feel here is more inclusive,” she says. “At my previous job, I was just being told what to do and my input didn’t matter or anything. Here, I feel like I have an opinion and I have a voice, and instead of being told what to do, I get told what the expectations are and we find a way that works to reach the expectations, you know? 

She likes her job. Every day is different even if her responsibilities remain the same. She may work with a different team or interact with different customers, but there are also plenty of regulars!

I actually really like the vibe of Border Foods.” -Rose Nevarez, RGM

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