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Angela Love-Hamlin Loves Border Foods


Recognition is one of the pillars to success here at Border Foods, which is why our annual Best of the Best (BOTB) reward trip is a company highlight! While in Mexico for BOTB, we caught up with Area Coach Angela Love-Hamlin while she was basking in the glow of a job well done.

What’s Angela’s Mexico vibe? “Having the time of my life with my friends,” she effuses. “I’m excited to be here!”

“I love the company!”
– Angela Love-Hamlin, Area Coach

Like any good coach, Angela recognizes that success is a team effort. She’s quick to give a shoutout to the Taco Bell crew in Area 36, the “Quad Cities Squad”: “I’m so proud of you guys!”

Angela’s goal for the rest of 2024 is to get more of her team to Mexico next year. “This is our year baby, let’s go!” she says. Consider that your Coach Angela pep talk!

If YOU want to work for a company that rewards hard work, consider joining Border Foods Taco Bell team!