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Why Team Member Tenure and Training Matters to Us


At Border Foods, we’re working hard to build from within. That means we want our team members to explore opportunities inside the company. Retaining talent, and helping our team members grow, is the difference between being the Best Place to Work and just the next quick service restaurant on the block.

When we improve retention, we can:

  • Continue to strengthen bonds and family culture
  • Reduce training costs
  • Perform as a higher-functioning team

The training department is focused on helping the organization reach an internal promote ratio of 70-30. If we reach our goal, 70% of our team members will be promoted internally, and 30% of our talent will come externally. So, how do we move the ball forward?

  1. Improve Process: We recently updated the Internal Promote Checklists to help streamline the process of moving team members through the Border Foods career ladder.
  2. Keep Developing: We’re helping shift managers take a deep dive into their roles through Spark classes. In June, we’ll layer in Spark 2 and 3 and focus on performance management and problem-solving.
  3. More Team Trainers:  A team trainer in your restaurant means your team gets more personalized training. The position is a stepping stone for Food or Service Champions and comes with an increase in wage (up to 10%).
  4. $2M Workshops: Our high-volume leaders have a huge impact on our organization because they touch so many guests and have an opportunity to drive brand loyalty. Our special workshops for $2M restaurants are designed to build general manager capability as leaders by showing them how to build a great culture, utilize the brand’s systems and tools to build routines, and drive results.