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Welcome to the Border Family, Billings!


Please join us in welcoming Border Foods’ newest Taco Bell restaurant, which opened Friday, October 13th in Billings, MT. Thank you so much to the teams involved for your hard work and dedication to building the brand and our Border family!

Quick stats:

Store Number: 41189

Region Coach: Pam Hare

Area Coach: Alisha Burke

Restaurant General Manager (RGM): Kenny Stryker

RGM Kenny is supported by his Assistant General Manager (AGM) Angela and three Shift Leads: Octavian, Sally and soontobe certified Levi. There are two more Shift Leads in training and the new location opens with a staff of 24 employees! That’s no small feat given that staffing new stores often presents challenges. Opening the Billings location was truly a team effort, as all six Taco Bell locations in Area 44 helped train and develop team members for this seventh restaurant in the area.

Kenny started with Taco Bell in 2019 as a part-time employee and worked his way up the career ladder. This is Kenny’s first store as an RGM and hes looking forward to the journey. He loves to serve the community and provide the best experience possible, and will always have a big smile for each guest. We love that positive energy!

The newest Billings Taco Bell location is Alisha’s first new build as an Area Coach; she and Kenny worked as an amazing team!

Finally, Region Coach Pam is no stranger to new store openings, but thanks to Alisha, Kenny and the rest of team, they made this one look easy. A big thank you to all!

Check out our photo gallery below of the first few days of operation. Kenny’s parents traveled across Montana to join in on Friends and Family night! We LOVE supportive families who understand the importance of family fun at Border Foods. If you want to work with a team that feels like family, consider applying today!