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WATCH: 30-year-old Taco Bell demolition, rebuild incoming


Spring and Summer are the busiest seasons for the Border Foods Development Department. The warm weather gives our construction crews easy access to the unfrozen ground for new construction, and allows us to make repairs and remodels without the burden of snow and ice.

It takes a whole village to complete these important development projects, from working with our own facilities team and contractors who help build new restaurants, to sourcing the right people to install new furniture, replace curbs, paint and more.

While building and remodeling is labor-intensive, we always have fun with the first step: the demolition.

Above, you’ll find a video of our Casper, WY Taco Bell location coming down. We caught up with our Facilities Director, Brian Davies, to learn more:

Border: When will we start building the new store? 

Brian: Construction began on May 2.

When will the new store open? 

We’re planning to open on Aug. 26.

What happens to the folks that were employed at this location while we rebuild it?  

They are helping at other Taco Bells in Casper and throughout Wyoming.

How will the new store be better?  

We’re giving this location a fresh, new design, décor and equipment. We’re also adding modern technology, such as digital interior and exterior menu boards and kiosks inside for orders.

Taco Bell remodel
The new Taco Bell will look similar to this photo, without the patio.