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TJ Wegler is a repeat hire at Border Foods. He worked for us a decade ago, left to explore other opportunities in restaurant management, and then returned in the midst of the pandemic. Hes now RGM of our Osseo, MN Taco Bell on the border of Osseo and Brooklyn Park.

TJ can tell you exactly what drew him back to Border Foods in 2020 — it was a career defining moment! He read an article that claimed “GMs at Taco Bell were making six figures,” he says. It made an impression on him and he thought, I’m doing this all wrong. 

“I switched from my old restaurant and got [back] into the Border Foods family,” he recounts. And then my salary went up, you know, a large percentage year over year.

Not bashful to admit that compensation triggered the move (we offer competitive pay and attractive benefits), he goes on to share that his decision was also based on the fact that he already knew our company and what we stand for (see our core values).

“The company’s great, love them. Love all my bosses.” – TJ Wegler, RGM


What’s Not to Love at Border?

TJ is also very complimentary about his people. He’s proud of the Osseo team’s commitment to being on time, performing the work, keeping the restaurant clean, and going “above and beyond.”

I’m very happy,” he says. I’m probably the most happy I’ve been in a long time.

Having taken a brief reprieve from employment with us, TJ’s satisfaction with being part of the Border family again is evidenced by more praise. 

I think that the upper management is a lot more understanding than my previous experiences,” he says. They actually get to know you, they care about you … and I think there’s value in that.” 

For TJ, it starts with greeting his team members and showing everyone respect. After all, it’s our managers that drive the culture.

“We’re all in this together — as a family.” – TJ Wegler, RGM

“You could have the worst metricsterrible customer service …” he explains. “Get the right people, the right culture, the right attitudes everything else just falls right in line.

For TJ, having the right people in place and seeing his restaurant perform well has proven personally rewarding. It’ll be his second time attending the company’s annual “Best of the Best” (BOTB) Mexico trip in April, which he asserts is an actual vacation focused on rest and relaxation not “shop talk” and all-day workshops.

After the trip, TJ looks forward to what’s next. He’s confident 2024 is going to be a good year — “we’re gonna crush it,” he says. Join the team and be a part of it!