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The importance of metrics in our business and culture


Weekly metrics reports. Restaurant rankings. Daily monitoring. Let’s face it: Analytics are a way of life at Border Foods. But there’s a reason why data sharing is so important to us. Our focus on metrics compliments our company mission – to create a family culture that develops people and provides opportunity.

Metrics don’t just drive our business. They help:

  • Identify opportunities or team member development and coaching.
  • Improve the guest experience, from speed of service to the cleanliness of the restaurant (and everything in between).
  • Provide framework for significant recognition, including the period bonus and annual trip to Mexico.

Our numbers mean more

In many ways, our team members are using numbers to come together more than ever before. Below, discover the ways metrics play a role in team building:

1. Speed duel: Who’s the fastest restaurant in your area? Restaurants in the same area can set up “SOS duels” for a day or week to motivate each other. The area coach can use allotted incentive money to reward the fastest team.

2. Voice of the customer captain: Restaurants can set VOC goals for the day, week or period and assign a team member to become their “VOC captain.” This captain can take ownership of the metric by sharing where the restaurant and area are at with VOCs and focus on ways to improve VOC scores. Some VOC captains even use the SMG360 app* to monitor real-time VOC results to help motivate their teams.

3. Sharing best practices: Even though our general managers are incentivized by numbers, we’re still all one company, on one team, working toward one goal. When we know where our best performers are, we can leverage that information. What are they doing that’s working? How are they so fast? Why are their customers so happy? Asking these questions makes way for learning company-wide.