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Team member spotlight: William Barlow


William has been with Border Foods for almost four years. He started at the Elk River Taco Bell as a crew member. Then he moved to the Monticello location and was promoted to crew trainer and shift lead. After Monticello, William came to Buffalo, where he’s currently a shift lead.

What’s it like moving through the ranks? And where do you hope to end up?

It’s fun! I learn a lot which keeps the job very exciting. To this day, I’m still learning. There’s always room for improvement and promotions. I’m hoping to become an AGM soon.

What makes working at Border unique?

The culture’s like a big family. Everybody communicates very well and we all get along.

Tell us about something you have accomplished as a team.

Sometimes business is slow, and sometimes we’re very busy. And we sometimes are short-handed, but as a team, we’re able to overcome those ups and downs with communication and teamwork.

Tell us about an accomplishment as an individual.

I’m currently working on getting my GED so I can become an AGM. It’s a big hurdle for me! Taco Bell and Border Foods are helping me go through the program. I am hoping to complete my GED by the end of summer.

Any advice for fellow or future shift leads?

It all comes down to communication and the right training. Listen to your team and make sure that you are getting everything done the right way.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

I know this location (Buffalo) is one of the best. That’s because of our communication, friendliness and what our customers see.

We have positive and friendly interactions with our customers, and they love that. On the job, I just do my best!