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Team Member Spotlight: Peter Ledum


Meet Peter Ledum, a long-time Border Foods employee and Area Coach. We caught up with Peter to learn why he loves Border and how he’s succeeded in climbing the career ladder. Take a look at his answers below and find out why his job feels like “Another day in paradise!”

From GM to Area Coach, what are some of the biggest professional lessons you’ve learned as you’ve climbed the career ladder?
The greatest investment I can make is in the development of people. My mentor, Steve Daggett, believed in me when I was a SL.  He was always there if I needed anything, personally and professionally.  I have tried to do the same throughout my career with Border. I have learned that a stronger and happier team is more successful. I show my team what is important to me, so that it can become important to them as well. I feel proud when someone is promoted or is successful, knowing that I played a small part.

There’s lots of opportunity at Border. Talk about the ways you feel supported in your career with us.
Again, the belief in people’s development and growth is what stands out to me. I have felt support from my RC, AC and RGM throughout my career. Alfredo, my GM at the Bloomington location, was eager to teach and help me succeed. Steve has been a constant mentor throughout my career. Gay could be the reason that I say “Another day in paradise!” anytime that someone asks me how I am doing. She says it lots and believes it as well! Craig is there to support when I need him and truly cares about my development.  He makes me a better leader by challenging me. I have felt support throughout my entire career from every level!

One piece of advice for someone looking to move up or stretch for a promotion.
I am going to sound like a broken record, but getting to know the people in the company is so important!

Whether you are a GM, AC, RC or DO, your job is important. We are all here to grow, inspire and motivate.

I firmly believe that if you are always working on growing, inspiring and motivating, you will be successful in your position. I also believe focusing on what’s ahead and setting goals is the way to get to where you are going. The last bit of advice I have is to train your replacement. If you have someone you can hand the keys to when you are gone, it is a much easier transition, for both you and your team.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What makes this job worthwhile?
My teams and the people make this job worthwhile! I have made some great friendships that I know will be lifelong. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the money is a great aspect as well. I started as a customer in the Bloomington location. I didn’t even know I was looking for a job when I first started, but I took that job to pay a few bills and got sucked in by the incredible family culture. I used to have friends give me looks of “you’re just working at a fast food restaurant,” but it didn’t take long before I proudly said, “I work for Border Foods, and it’s more than a fast food company!” And soon, I was making more money then they were. So again, what has kept me here are the people and interactions I have every day, and the money is nice too!

What locations are you managing now?
Area 37 (Minnetonka, Hutchinson, Chanhassen, Jordan)

What do you hope to achieve in the future with Border?
The possibilities are endless! I hope to help us become the employer of choice. I love to help people grow and make them better, and I hope I have a long career with Border doing just that.

How have you overcome the challenges you’ve faced operating restaurants in a pandemic?
There’s a pandemic? I have honestly tried to treat it like just another day. I may not always agree with every standard or policy, but once it becomes a standard then it’s just that: a standard. That’s how I coached my teams to view the new standards and policies, and we work through them together.  I show my teams I hear them, and I listen to them. If they are frustrated, I help them understand and work through those struggles.

Any specific experiences that you have had at Border that you would like to share?
I had been and RGM for a couple of months when I was at the office for my first time, and I was a little intimidated. I was walking towards one of the conference rooms and I ran into Lee Engler, one of the owners of the company. I knew who he was and tried to confidently say, “Hello!” He responded with, “Hi Pete! Do you know where you are headed?” I was surprised that the owner of such a big company knew who I was. He was friendly and helped me find where I needed to go. That has been my experience at Border Foods, everyone is friendly and helpful!