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Team Member Spotlight: Dan Clark



The only job application Dan Clark has ever filled out was with Border Foods back in 2013. He was hired as a service champion at the Hastings, MN location. Since then, his career with us has become a lifestyle!

As a Restaurant General Manager for the last six years, Dan’s been a role-model leader in four different locations. He’s currently training the newest RGM recruit to take over the West Fargo, ND location.

Dan won a spot on the Best of the Best trip to Mexico in 2020. Unfortunately, the 2020 trip was cancelled due to COVID-19 complications. Border Foods gave BOTB trip recipients $1,000 bonus checks to make up for the trip being cancelled.

It just goes to show how much Border Foods cares about our teams and is relentless about recognizing the work we do! —Dan Clark

Dan used his $1,000 bonus check to purchase an extremely limited edition pair of Nike shoes. He started collecting Nike Stefan Janoski shoes a couple of years ago. Shortly after receiving his bonus check, he stumbled across a news article about Taco Bell themed Stefan Janoski shoes. Dan knew he needed them in his collection!

The news article explains that in 2014, Taco Bell corporate did a scavenger hunt in Los Angeles to promote the launch of the new “Waffle Taco.” Taco Bell gave plenty of prizes to people that participated and the grand prize was one of ten pairs of the limited edition shoes. One of the grand prize winners posted their shoes online for sale for $5,000.

After a handful of attempts, Dan was able to get in contact with the seller two years after they had posted the news article. He negotiated the shoes down to $1,000 and bought them using his bonus check. Dan has only ever worn the shoes once. They’re for extra special occasions only, he says.

I plan to keep the shoes in pristine condition so that they stay the centerpiece for my collection for years to come!

Dan’s passion for representing the Taco Bell brand extends beyond his Waffle Taco kicks. He has a custom “LIVEMAS” license plate, too. And don’t forget the four large totes at his apartment that hold 300+ different examples of Taco Bell and Border Foods merchandise. It includes every different style of uniform he’s worn from day one of his career.

I’m steadily working toward collecting as much unique Taco Bell merchandise as I can. I aspire to hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest collection of Taco Bell merchandise one day!

Representing the brand for Taco Bell and Border Foods is important to Dan because he hopes that his passion for Taco Bell and his job may inspire others to find what they’re passionate about in life.

The Taco Bell brand aligns with who I am as a person! Being part of the Border Foods family has given me everything I could’ve ever asked for and more.

Border Foods helped Dan come out of his shell as a service champion, and gave him the training, coaching, and development needed to become the RGM and confident leader he is today.

I hope that by representing and advocating for everything Border Foods has to offer, I can inspire more people to apply for the career of their life with Border.

The thing Dan loves the most about Border Foods is the family culture. Dan’s grateful for the opportunity to meet and work with so many talented and passionate people in his career. It’s so rewarding to reconnect with everyone he’s met, he says, and watch everyone grow as individuals and Border Foods as a whole. In five years, Dan aspires to have completed the criteria to become an Area Coach for Border Foods. He loves training and developing our teams, turning around opportunity restaurants, and making what impact he can to help us grow as a company. One of Dan’s favorite parts of the job is helping teams realize the power of training and leading with integrity.