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Susanna Susy Gonzalez is an Assistant General Manager (AGM) for Border Foods’ Maple Grove, MN Taco Bell location who boasts 22 impressive years of service to the brand. We simply had to sit down with Susy and figure out her recipe for career success!

Susy began working as a crew member at our Brooklyn Center, MN location. After only one month on the job, she was well on her way up the career ladder and got promoted to manager. Three months later, she became an AGM. Susy worked at a couple other Twin Cities Taco Bell restaurants before settling in Maple Grove over six years ago.

Before joining Taco Bell, Susy worked in the hospitality industry, so she knows a thing or two about working with people. What sets Border Foods apart, Susy shares, is the training we offer our employees, as well as our family atmosphere.

“I believe Border Foods cares about all [of] their employees.”
– Su
sy Gonzalez, AGM



The family atmosphere is something Susy strives to maintain with her team. “When I come in, I hug everybody and when I leave, I hug everybody — no matter what,” she says. “I treat them like family.”

As a manager with a natural inclination to be a hard worker, Susy leads by example. She knows it makes a big difference when the team all works together.

“If they see me working hard, they will do the same thing,” she says.

Susy also makes an effort to make sure her team feels appreciated. Every month, the Maple Grove location has a party for their crew as a way of saying thank you for a job well done.

“We appreciate all [of] the hard work they are doing for us,” she shares.

“It’s the best place to work.”
– Su
sy Gonzalez, AGM


Susy cites Border Foods’ many opportunities for career advancement as another item on the pros list for company loyalty. She has three team members currently training to move up to management roles!

If the saying, “we rise by lifting others” is true, then Susy is definitely in the right place! “I just love to work for Taco Bell,” she says. And we love having you as part of the team, Susy!