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Sticking Together in the Wake of Tragedy


To every Border Foods Team Member:

The events following George Floyd’s death over the last week have been immense. We’ve moved from dealing with an unprecedented pandemic, to fearing for the safety of our employees, to cleaning up the streets in many of the communities we operate restaurants. Several of our Minneapolis and St. Paul restaurants were damaged. We worked quickly last week to board up locations in those areas that were impacted by riots. During these critical moments, we prioritized the safety of our teams over the safety of our structures.

As a country, let alone a business, many of us are trying to process and understand these events. As leaders, we will not pretend to understand the deeply-rooted pain that comes with hundreds of years of racism across our country.

At Border Foods, we’ve always been a company based in family culture, inclusion and equality. We know so many of our team members are still reeling from these recent injustices. So today we’re asking ourselves: What can we do?


There are many local and national organizations that are asking for help in our communities impacted by riots. If you’d like to give back during work hours, we’ll provide 4 paid hours of time. Simply connect with your Area Coach and submit your volunteer request. A volunteer policy will follow this communication in coming days.

Give Back

We’re kick-starting an initiative to provide free tacos to communities both struggling to clean up their streets and experiencing food shortages. On June 4th, our Lake Street and Broadway locations in Minneapolis will serve free tacos and drinks to community members. We hope to continue this trend in other impacted areas next week.

Stand Up

Lastly, we can continue to be a business that promotes fairness across our 6,000 team members. If you see racial injustice in any of our locations, please call our anonymous employee hotline and report it. It’s up to each of us to promote a safe, fair workplace.

Together, we’ll get through this challenging time once again.