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Here at Border Foods, we’re proud to provide opportunity to team members of diverse backgrounds and nationalities throughout our many Taco Bells. Meet Shift Manager Vanessa Green, who knew little English when she joined our company 24 years ago. Now, she’s essential to restaurant operations at our Edinburgh Centre Taco Bell in Brooklyn Park, MN.

“Taco Bell is my second home.” -Vanessa Green, Shift Manager

Vanessa has been an incredible asset to her restaurant team while leading with a warm smile, positivity and engaging attitude. Early in her career, she quickly became one of the fastest on the line pulling together food orders while greeting guests by name. Her teamwork and work ethics are phenomenal!

In honor of this fast food veteran, here are some fast facts about Vanessa!

Year hired: 2000
Years of service: 24
Referred by: Older sisters
First location: Rogers, MN
First job: Making tacos on the line
Currently at: Edinburgh Centre, Brooklyn Park
Typical shift: Morning
Fave part of job: Working on the line
Team strengths: Helpful, works together
Her boss: Very nice!
Appreciates: Training, instructions, opportunities
Fave menu item: Cheesy Gordita Crunch
In her own words:
“The company is excellent.”
I’m happy in my job.”