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Sharla Hennek Celebrates 31 Years with Border Foods


Border: What are your pronouns?
Sharla: She/Her


Border: What is your current title?
Sharla: VP of Human Resources


Border: What date were you hired?
Sharla: 5/27/1992


Border: What was your title on the date you were hired?
Sharla: Assistant General Manager


Border: Why have you stayed with Border for all these years?
Sharla: The PEOPLE!!  I have been surrounded by great co-workers and leaders throughout all of my years with Border Foods.  I have had many opportunities to learn and grow and am grateful to be a part of the Border family where I feel valued and appreciated. I am so proud to be on the team, and want to “give back” and provide others with opportunities I have had during my career.


Border: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your time with us?
Sharla: It would be the power of a single person to impact and positively change the experiences of those around us – taking the time to get to know people can make them feel important and provide a sense of belonging. It can be as simple as smiling and greeting people, listening to and talking with someone about a challenge they are facing, teaching someone something they didn’t know, or giving recognition for another’s success.  Each of us can do things every day that could make someone else’s life better!


Border: What would you say to a new hire, or someone starting their career with Border Foods?
Sharla: This is a great place to work!  Learn all you can from each person you work with, there are so many life lessons that will help you in your job and your career, whether you stay with Border Foods or you move on to other places!


Border: What makes Border different than other QSR?
Sharla: Border is Family – we celebrate everyone’s successes and support each other through challenges.


Border: What’s your favorite Taco Bell menu item?
Sharla: Chili Cheese Burrito is my favorite comfort food item on a cold winter day in MN – but I do love a chicken quesadilla with jalapeños too!  Yummy!


Border: Name three people at Border (employed or past employees) who helped you where you are today.
Sharla: I can only give 3 names?!  There are so many people who have impacted my life here at Border Foods:  Carol Williams was the most amazing human being and leader.  She believed in me.  She gave me opportunities to grow and taught me so many life lessons.  I miss her every single day.

Ken Lund has always been someone I can count on to give me honest direct feedback, along with an unlimited amount of support when needed.

Dean Detienne, the now retired GM of Menomonie WI, was set up as my mentor when I was first promoted to GM in St Cloud MN.  He visited my restaurant once a week for months, and answered my endless questions until I was confident in the role.

There are just so many more people I could name……I am sad I don’t have more space to list them all!