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RGM Tim is Family Focused in West St. Paul


Tim Engel is a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) for Border Foods’ Taco Bell on Robert Street in West St. Paul, MN. He was working for another QSR franchise when, with fatherhood on the horizon, he says he “ … was looking for something that could manage work and life a little bit easier.

That’s where we came in! Tim joined the Border Foods team two years ago and, “it’s been good ever since.”

Hiring was one pain point made easier when Tim joined our Robert Street location applications to join the team are stacked! Having a great team doesn’t hurt either! One of his team members has been with Taco Bell for 35 years! And several others boast 10-plus years with the restaurant. 

What’s the key to all of this longevity? “We all stick together and work together as a team,” Tim says.

“Everybody just wants to work for Taco Bell …” – Tim Engel, RGM


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our Robert Street Taco Bell is a busy location, but Tim and his team still manage to have fun while working hard. He says many on his team talk about being like a family, which makes being away from home a little easier. It may also explain why Tim sounds like a proud father when talking about his people. “I enjoy the team that I work with,” he says, adding, “It’s just been a blast.”

“It’s pretty important to have the right people around you.” – Tim Engel, RGM

Goals & Advice

When asked to share his top tips for other managers in the business, Tim shares his two favorites: “Stay true to yourself” and don’t ever take anything too personally.” Solid advice! Encouraging career growth and development are also key pieces to his managerial success.

Tim has big goals for 2024! His restaurant is already on its way to becoming a training location, and he personally has his sights set on becoming an Area Coach (AC). Even though it’s been a mild Minnesota winter, Tim also dreams of warmer temps and one day earning a spot on Best of the Best trip to Mexico! No wonder everybody wants to work for Taco Bell!