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Spring has barely sprung and we’ve already completed four of our 2024 Taco Bell remodels!

One recently completed project in Holland, MI is holding our attention. Located on South Washington, it’s a midterm remodel (occurs every 10 or 12 and a half years) with updated exteriors, digital drive-thru menus, new décor and updated LED lighting.

Eighty percent of Border Foods’ 2024 remodels through June are midterm.

What makes this revamped Taco Bell one to watch is the installation of the company’s first rolling rack shelving system. 

New shelving may not sound groundbreaking, but if it works well, it’s a solution that can be quickly installed at other locations as soon as 2025! 

According to Brian Davies, VP of Facilities, South Washington desperately needed dry storage space but like many older restaurants with small kitchens, it had very little.

This sturdy new shelving will comprise several rollable units on a track. Shelves will be efficiently stored out of the way when not in use, or can be slid easily back and forth when needed.

Remember, remodels aren’t just for looks. It’s how we make work life better for employees!


The South Washington project involved a standard business agreement (SBA) between Border Foods and Taco Bell, whereby our company agrees to handle midterm remodels on our own while adhering to Taco Bell’s supreme standards. It’s a new approach for Border Foods.

Somewhat by chance, Brian and his team learned about this more economical way of handling midterm remodels last year during a routine meeting with Taco Bell Brand Designer Dave Yocom. Dave mentioned SBAs as a cost-conscious alternative to hiring general contractors — and it sounded appealing.

Consequently, Border Foods decided to perform five midterm SBA remodels in 2023 and voilà, reaped significant unexpected savings! According to Brian, about $30,000 per project!

“That’s over 10% savings per project just by performing [them] ourselves,” Brian shares. 

This year, the team plans to perform nine SBA remodels with expected savings of $305,000!


At time of print, we’re putting the finishing touches on our Waverly Road remodel, also in Holland. It’s expected to reopen the first week of May.

Perhaps one of the remodel projects that excites Brian the most is in Elk River, MN. Opening just one year before Border Foods was founded, our Elk River Taco Bell is “near and dear” to Brian because it was the first location he opened as a general manager. Living in the area, he still drives by it every day!

While Elk River wasn’t due for its remodel until 2027, Zach Zelickson (VP of Border Foods’ real estate company, Marvin Development) was able to negotiate it into the schedule sooner. Upon completion, exterior improvements will be impressive. The showstopper according to Brian, however, will be the big, lit sign on the rooftop that’s viewable from Highway 169.

“It’s going to really pop!” Brian says.

And if it pops, you should stop! Come visit Elk River and any of our remodeled locations, and see how we actively reinvest in our operations!