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Quinn Likes to Win! Celebrating the Two-Time Scholarship Recipient


Quinn Ohlemacher-Lonetti is a Team Trainer at the Border Foods Taco Bell location in Buffalo, MN. And he’s also a two-time Carol Williams scholarship recipient!

“I didn’t think I had a chance of winning, and here I am winning it twice!” – Quinn Ohlemacher-Lonetti, Team Trainer

Quinn is studying to earn a degree in construction management and also works as a Resident Advisor (RA) on campus. A true leader at heart!

“It means a lot to me,” Quinn says of securing the scholarship for a second time.

Border Foods offers two different company scholarships programs: The Carol Williams Scholarship and the Border Foods Scholarship. When it comes to our team members, we’ll do just about anything to support their passions. Knowledge is power and we believe furthering education can open the door to opportunities with us and beyond.


The Life of a Working Student

With multiple scholarships secured, Quinn has been able to pay off two years of schooling, which will send him into to the post-college world on a strong foot.

Quinn followed his big brother to Taco Bell, joining the team as a freshman in high school. Their parents, Dick and Amy, appreciate how supportive Quinn’s managers have been, working around his schedule so he can juggle work and school.

“It’s just incredible how generous Taco Bell has been to him; helping him to continue on with his education.” – Dick Ohlemacher-Lonetti, Quinn’s Dad

A flexible schedule and positive attitude are incredibly helpful for setting working students up for success in pursuing higher education. While working for Border Foods, Quinn says he’s learned, “If you keep a positive attitude and you just keep the morale high, you have a good time and the shift goes super fast.

Quinn’s advice to other team members thinking about applying for our scholarships is, “Just do it!”

You heard him! But you can’t put in an application for a scholarship if you don’t first apply to join Border Foods Taco Bell team!