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Partnership with Community Rebuilders helps make lives better


Community Rebuilders

Throughout our Taco Bell locations in Michigan, something special is happening. Thanks to Region Coach Vince Bosscher and his team, homeless community members in need can have a chance to work at our restaurants and start new lives for themselves.

The program is called Community Rebuilders, and it uses government grants to help folks find housing and work. Plus, the program supports the new employee until they’ve saved enough money to make a rent and utility payment. This new hiring opportunity truly speaks to our mission of making lives better.

At the beginning of June, Michigan locations brought in Community Rebuilders members for interviews and hired 10. Vince’s region will arrange 2-3 more of these hiring days with about 20 or so interviewees at each. From the first group of candidates hired, we’ve already seen how a job at Border Foods can be life-changing. More from Vince in our below Q+A:

Border: How did you hear about Community Rebuilders?
Vince: My brother-in law-is the Director of Community Rebuilders and we both thought this could be a great partnership.

Why did you think it would be a good fit for Border Foods? 
The more we are in our communities as Border Foods, the greater impact we will have on Making Lives Better in the cities that we employ and feed people. These people are looking for jobs to stabilize their housing arrangement…we are looking to staff our stores. It’s a win-win.

What do you hope to accomplish through a partnership with the organization?
If we can help just one person with a job, which could help them get off the streets and stay off the streets, we will have made a difference.

What has it been like to hire folks through the program? What are their reactions?
There were mixed emotions for all. Some people that we hired cried, some of them couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear and some very politely just thanked us. I will say this though…we were impacted and blessed by this experience just as much as I hoped we impacted our new team members.