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Our Biggest Fan: Chalupa Lovin’ Ray


Ray is a 14-year-old eighth-grader and an avid fan of Taco Bell. His room is completely decked out with Taco Bell gear. He also sports our swag. So when asked to write a persuasive essay, Ray picked something he’s passionate about–why Taco Bell is the best chain around–and he nailed it.

We welcomed Ray into our Woodbury restaurant, where his father Jose has worked since 2011. He shared his essay with us, which we will post for other fans to see. Check out what Ray had to say in his essay:

You sit down at a burger joint. You are annoyed at your crusty burger. What is the solution? Taco Bell. Taco Bell is a fast-food chain that is king of the hill. You will always enjoy eating the food at Taco Bell.

One of the reasons you should always eat at Taco Bell is that their food is like no other. Taco Bell has a wide variety of great sauces. From ultimate chipotle, to tasty nacho cheese and jalapeƱo sauce, there are a lot to choose from. Then there are good tasting Crunch Wraps and spicy Chicken Chipotle Melts and that is just the beginning. Their promotional $5 boxes are one of the most genius inventions ever. Finally, there is the Chalupa. The Chalupa is the greatest invention ever in the food industry because of its perfect blend of beef, cheese and lettuce. Plus, the chipotle sauce is so good it sends McDonald’s and Starbucks home crying.

The second reason Taco Bell is the boss is because of their great service. Their workers are always fast at getting your food to you. They hardly mess up. They are always friendly and will always fix a mistake if they make one.

The third reason Taco Bell is the boss is because their prices are good. Why get a coffee from Starbucks when you could get one for $2 at Taco Bell? Why pay $5 for a Big Mac when you could get a $3 Chalupa? And their $1 value menu is a great value you should not waste. Once again, Taco Bell is the beast.

The next time you get a crusty burger at a burger joint, just remember that Taco Bell is not that far away. It will remedy your crusty burger problem. So, hop in that car and drive to Taco Bell now.