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Linh Huu Shelton celebrates 37 years with Taco Bell


At Border Foods, we’re lucky enough to have many incredible, tenured employees. After celebrating accomplishments at the Border Foods rally this winter, and after reviewing the list of folks who have been with us for decades, we think it’s only fitting that we highlight a few special anniversaries. Join us in a fun new series where we’ll touch base with employees who truly feel more like family. Next up, Linh Huu Shelton!

Border: What is your current title?

Linh: Area Coach


Border: What date were you hired?

Linh: Border Foods – 9/17/2017;  Taco Bell Corp.  7/1986


Border: What was your title on the date you were hired? 

Linh: Border Foods – Area Coach;  Taco Bell Corp. – Team member


Border: Why have you stayed with Border for all these years?

Linh: Border Foods embodies the vision of “The Best Place to Work; Eat; and Own.”


Border: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in your time with us?

Linh: “Walk the Talk”.  The people here at Border Foods always strive to role model, “People First.


Border: What would you say to a new hire, or someone starting their career with Border Foods?

Linh: Welcome to the next chapter of your journey!  Border Foods strives to develop and promote internally.  There are several stories of people starting as team members who are now leaders within the company.  Border Foods truly believes in People First!


Border: What makes Border different than other QSR?

Linh: The people and always striving to be “Best on Block” not only in Operations but Facilities as well.


Border: What’s your favorite Taco Bell menu item?

Linh: Old School! Bell Beefer with steak instead of beef and add green sauce


Border: Name three people at Border (employed or past employees) who helped you where you are today.

Linh: Craig Curit for recruiting and supporting me at Border Foods; Steve Daggett, who is a tremendous resource for everything Border Foods and Taco Bell; and all my AC peers that I have the pleasure to work with at Border Foods.