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Happy 20th Anniversary, Holly Kooi!


Tenure means everything to us. At Border Foods, we rest on our long-time employees to help pass down our family culture, train new team members, and continually cast a leadership shadow in their everyday work. So with that, join us in congratulating Holly, our North Muskegon shift manager, on 20 years with the brand! We caught up with Holly to learn more about her journey with Taco Bell:

What location do you work at? and what is your current position?

I’ve worked at the North Muskegon, Michigan location (store #33011) for 20 years where I’m a shift manager.

What’s something you look forward to at work?

I love seeing our regular customers that we all can joke with. We have this customer named Tim, but we call him “Trouble”. Also, I love when I can get everyone pumped up to make speed goals. I love being fast and getting orders out and making our guest happy!

What’s one menu item that every Taco Bell fan should try?

Past item: the Baja Chicken Taco was one of the first promotions and I still remember it. It was my favorite!

Currently: the Crunchwrap supreme with a Doritos shell inside.

Tell us about something you’ve accomplished.

My husband and I bought our second home two years ago.

If you could choose to spend a day doing anything, what would it be?

A family cook out, and playing some yard games.

Any advice for fellow team members about a day on the job?

Come in with a positive attitude, and leave with a smile! Negative attitudes are contagious. It’s just tacos and burritos!

Share a few fun facts about yourself.

Listening to heavy metal makes me happy. I love to make people laugh and I try to have fun at work!