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Growing the Heart of Border Foods with “Heartstyles”


An Above Restaurant Leader (ARL) meeting recently welcomed every ARL from the entire company for a few days of growth, training and learning, where we spent time focusing on an exciting new offering planned for 2024: Heartstyles!

Heartstyles is a leadership development program designed to give Border Foods team members the tools to become the best versions of themselves, lead authentically, and build a workplace culture that unlocks team member potential and delivers strong results.

The Heartstyles philosophy of giving individuals and teams the ability to create positive outcomes for themselves and others really resonated with Border Foods’ mission to live our core values. Like excellence,” which we define as taking initiative, embracing challenges and working to exceed expectations while striving to realize opportunities for continuous improvement.

“Heartstyles is really about personal development.” – Sharla Hennek, VP of Human Resources 

Taco Bell Corporate recently invited us to take part in a “train the trainer” class. As a result, five Border Foods HR team members and one Operations leader became certified to facilitate and teach the Heartstyles class at Border Foods!

The Soft Launch

To give these leaders the opportunity to see the benefits of their training, we began small with pilot classes for our HR team and Region Coaches. The next phase is to facilitate a class for the rest of the ARLs, Area Coaches and some ACs in training. Our goal is to open up Heartstyles to our Restaurant General Managers (RGMs) in 2024.

Aligning with our core value of accountability, Border Foods is willing to take responsibility for our actions and their impact on performance outcomes, which is where this new leadership training resource comes in!

“By influencing and helping our leaders be more effective in engaging with the team that they support within the restaurants, it’s going to help drive interactions with the guests,” Sharla shares.

Stay tuned for more on this amazing new initiative! And if you want to work for a company thats dedicated to your personal growth, consider applying to join our team today!