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Fargo, ND Taco Bell is newly Renovated


The Fargo, ND Taco Bell was renovated, and we’re thrilled with the new look! The restaurant has taken on a modern design with a traditional twist. It’s brightened up with a mix of whites and neutrals, while still keeping the classic Taco Bell purple.

Review our updates below:

  • An extension to the building was added to increase space for employees and food/product storage.
  • New kitchen floors and wall finishes were installed.
  • Cooking equipment was replaced as needed.
  • Light fixtures throughout the restaurant were upgraded to LED.
  • Digital menuboards were added in the interior and exterior.
  • Lobby and restroom furniture and finishes were updated.
  • The exterior was refinished to new colors and signage for a modern touch.
  • Lastly, the parking lot was milled and overlaid.