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Drive thru of the Future Coming to MN!


A futuristic Taco Bell is about to make another innovative change to the world of drive-thrus. The new restaurant will be opening in Brooklyn Park, MN. It looks different than any Taco Bell in the world. With two stories, and four pick up lanes, fast food is no doubt about to get faster.

The bottom floor will consist of a counter for walk up and take out orders. Behind the counter will be the kitchen used for the traditional drive-thru where customers order off the menu and then pick up their food from the window.

There will be three more drive-thru lanes that will be served via dumbwaiter, similar to a bank.

However, instead of depositing checks or getting cash, you’d get Crunchwraps, Cheesy Gorditas, or just good-old tacos. To some, such things are more valuable than gold. –Christopher Smith, Motor1.com

These lanes will be for the customers who use the app to order and their food will be prepared in the kitchen above.

The restaurant will be built at N. 94th and Colorado avenue. Construction may begin in late summer or early fall.


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