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Drive Thru Hero: Brenda King


Brenda King has been working at the Elk River Taco Bell for the last three years. But to Brenda, the job is much more than just making tacos.  “I love my coworkers and all the people that come through to order,” Brenda says. “And I love making people laugh and smile.”

Brenda’s drive to delight her customers is making waves in the Elk River community. A photo of Brenda on the Elk River Community Facebook page has received more than 1,000 likes.

According to her co-workers: “Working with Brenda is always a good time. She is always in high spirits and making people laugh and smile. She has an amazing way that she interacts with the customers. She really is like family to our store and community.”

“I smile and wear my hat and let people know the hat is there to make them laugh,” Brenda says.