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Corpse Whale Century RECAP


Over 20 riders. 100 miles. 1,000 Baja Blasts. Okay, we’re exaggerating on that last part – but the Corpse Whale Racing team members did put Baja Blasts in their water bottles! Said one of the members, “we’re going to Baja Blast off!”

Beginning at 215 E Lake St. in Minneapolis, the group of FTW (fem, trans, and/or women) racers spent Saturday, August 19th biking nearly 100 miles and visiting 12 Taco Bells along the way. An Instagram post from the team shared that there was “a critical más of riders as we took over streets and learned about the nuances of navigating to 12 Taco Bells.” The extreme heat and humidity reaching well over 90 degrees did not rob the smiles off of their faces. It was an absolute BLAST (see what we did there?) to host these athletes, and treat them to some Taco Bell coupons along the way. Said the group, “Thanks for your support! The water bottles and coupons were definitely appreciated and used! The staff at each stop was fantastic and generous.” It was our pleasure, Corpse Whale Racers!

Check out some of the images captured at the event!

Watch our video coverage of the event – also seen on KARE 11 news!