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Congratulations to these Mexico Trip Winners


As a way to say “thanks” to our top-performing operators, we’re taking more than 70 leaders and a guest of their choice on an all-expense paid trip to Mexico! From April 10-14, our “Best of the Best” team will enjoy time with their team and guest at Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort, an all-inclusive hotel located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Congratulations to the team below:

Alfredo Briones: 3333-Bloomington
Juli Froehlig: 31015-Buffalo
Dylan Schlueter: 5714-Monticello
Will White: 33007-Lowell
Heather Schwartz: 30499-Willmar
Greg Howard: 32302-Brookings
Ziggy Arrington: 31430-Minnesota Ave
Ryan Spindler: 33440-Fergus Falls
Danny Grovenstein: 23073-Laramie
Laura Swenson: 31971-Perryville
Daniel Mulhair: 27883-Spearfish
Carla Pellegrini: 33430-Escanaba
Miguel Avila: 31682-Hopkins
Amanda Schlee: 33044-Frutiport
Jessi Wiggins: 33003-Whitehall
Shon McCullough: 32993-Marshall
Nathan Bowie: 23077-Wyoming Blvd
Beth Danielson: 5580-Northfield
Melissa Naugle: 31967-Forest Plaza
Jeremy Stepp: 3929-Nicollet
Jose Jimenez: 20000-Woodbury
Christa Blanco: 23080-Riverton
Mark Robertson:16318-Hutchinson
Nate Hamrick: 9647-Brainerd
John Bradley: 32996-Airport
Tina Brown: 32573-Albertville
Amanda Hobbs: 1398-Rice Street-AAC
Peter Ledum: 33635-Jordan
Connie Horan: 33027-Sherman
Chris Platz: 33020-Gaines
Dean Detienne: 5290-Menomonie WI
Fernando Flores: 3371-Lake Street
Vera Sanchez: 2384-Stinson
Maria Flores: 3310-Franklin
Andrea Ramirez: 20117-Fridley
Greg McConkey: 33025-Allegan
Amanda Nordby: AAC A3
Hanna Wright: AAC, 33011-North Muskegon
Kelly Lawver: Area 4
Felix Garcia: Area 15
Steve Daggett: Area 7
Deb Fraser: Area 32
Heather Aos: Area 31
Nic Gerry: Area 13
Zack Shumaker: Area 14
Jarret Persons: Area 10
Shalesha Olson: Area 6
Rich Ruuti: Area 23
LouAnn Hansen: Area 24
Grant Schofield: Area 9
Vince Wilhelm: Area 1
Jeff Weiler: Area 4
Richelle Johnson: Area 3
Tranquility Sampier: Area 30
Robin Jones: Area 16
Pam Hare: Region 1
Gay Demaree: Region 2
Ken Lund: Region 3
Craig Curit: Region 5
Vince Bosscher: Region 6
Corrine Kindred: HR Business Partner
Heather Knight: HR Business Partner
Jesse Evangelist: Employment Brand Specialist
Max Corrigan: Financial Analyst
Zach Zinter: Sr. Facilities Manager
David Ziemer: Restaurant Technology Manager