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Border Team Members Awarded $50,000 in Scholarships


After reviewing more than 1,400 applications for the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees, the Taco Bell Foundation awarded 157 team members scholarships nationwide. Out of the 157 recipients, six Border Foods team members received scholarships! Discover their submission videos below:

Elaina Lucas
Passion: Education
Restaurant: Fridley,MN #20117
Scholarship $25,000

Kaitlin Carter
Passion: Finance
Restaurant: Standale, MI #33001
Scholarship: $10,000

Mitchell Sullivan
Passion: Sports
Restaurant: Buffalo, MN #31015
Scholarship: $5,000

Dade Breuker
Passion: Criminal Justice
Restaurant: Muskegon, MI #32984
Scholarship: $5,000

Jacob Schumacher
Passion: Accounting
Restaurant: Savage, MN #20131
Scholarship: $2,500 | Renewal

James Peter
Passion: Civil Engineering
Restaurant: Three Rivers, MI #33023
Scholarship: $2,500 | Renewal