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Border Foods Treats Managers & Families to a Day at Six Flags Illinois


On July 27, Border Foods hosted Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa AGMs and RGMs (and their families) for a day of fun at Six Flags Great America amusement park. One of a handful of annual Family Fun Days, which celebrate our incredible managers and the families they go home to, the Illinois event was every bit as successful in bringing people together for a unique bonding experience.


Why are Family Fun Days so important at Border Foods? “Everybody comes together!” says RGM Kelsey White.

Kelsey has been with Taco Bell for 10 years and joined Border Foods with an acquisition in 2012. She says her favorite part of the day is the luncheon and mingling. She loves reconnecting with those for whom she’s watched transition from crew leader to manager. She also mentions how nice it is to see the Area Coach come in and interact with everyone, eliminating the intimidation factor.

“I do feel like we are a big family,” she says. “When anybody asks for help, most of the region comes together.”

Another highlight of Family Fun Days are the surprise announcements of Border Foods’ and Carol Williams scholarship winners. This year’s deserving, yet unsuspecting recipients were:  

  • Jaydlyn Skinner (Carol Williams; Bettendorf, IA)
  • Benson Richards (Carol Williams; Bettendorf, IA)
  • Niles Hite (Carol Williams; McFarland, WI)
  • Grant Gillen (Carol Williams; Monmouth, IL)
  • Uda Kimba (Carol Williams; Rock Island, IL)

“Awarding the scholarships during lunch was amazing to watch,” Kelsey says. “Just to see their faces light up was really awesome.“

“I do feel like we are a big family.” RGM Kelsey White

Border Foods is proud to be a company that values fun, family and most of all, celebrating those who dedicate many hours to running our restaurants. Family Fun Day events are one of our favorite ways to give back to an incredible group of managers and the families that support them.

Don’t miss out on next year’s events, apply today to join our family! Border Foods is always looking to hire fresh talent to fill our restaurants.

Take a look at highlights from this year’s Family Fun Day in Illinois: