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Border Foods grows with 13 new restaurants


In the beginning of July, our company acquired 13 new Taco Bell restaurants in the Quad Cities area! We’re already well on our way, learning from our new team members and getting to know this new market. We’ve also given our new team members a proper Border Foods welcome with special notes, dinners, and celebrations!

New area at a glance

Meet the team

Locust St., IA—RGM: Angela Hautzenrader
Cleveland, IA—RGM: Haylee Taylor
Mt. Pleasant St., IA—RGM: Jason Burke
N. 2nd St., IA—RGM: Jacob Geronzin
Middle Rd., IA—RGM: Quinn Rozek
Elmore Ave., IA—RGM: Tamoo Harris
16th Street, IL—RGM: Brittany Lawver
38th Street, IL—RGM: Jonathan Hall
East Main Street, IL—RGM: Christina Reagan
Ave. of the Cities, IL—RGM: April Benischek
Tenney Street, IL—RGM: Cynthia Mutton
Maple City Dr, IL—RGM: Brittany Caldwell
Henderson Street, IL—RGM: Kevin Stimeling