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Border Foods Brings Together Montana Managers for Family Fun


On July 28, Border Foods hosted Montana area managers and their families at Rose Park, near Billings, Montana, for a family-friendly get together. Every year, Border Foods invites RGMs and GMs to enjoy paid time off at Family Fun Days all over the country to thank them for their time and hard work. Montana’s event was perhaps our most intimate yet with around 35 guests, but that didn’t diminish the impact or fun we had!


Take it from a first timer — RGM Kelly Mueller recently joined Border Foods from another known quick service Mexican brand. She says she and her family had a blast! The park had a swimming pool, water slide and kiddie pool; it was perfect for the mom of a toddler. 

Tana Romero, who’s in her final weeks of training to be an AGM, says aside from the fun and relaxed atmosphere, the event did something more for the group. It created connection amongst the restaurants that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

“It brings the rest of the stores together,” she says, going on to share that she now knows all of the managers in the area and feels more connected to company leadership as well. She was excited about bringing her family to the event and left feeling more appreciated and included.

“I felt like I was part of something bigger,” Tana says.

Kelly also felt that kind of warmth at the event. Having leadership in attendance — to see people above her going out of their way to participate, get to know employees, and make everyone feel welcome and included — left a huge impression on her.

“It just makes you want to work harder for the people that you work for.” Tana Romero, training AGM 

Border Foods is proud to be a company that values fun, family and most of all, celebrating those who dedicate many hours to running our restaurants. Family Fun Day events are one of our favorite ways to give back to an incredible group of managers and the families that support them.

Don’t miss out on next year’s events, apply today to join our family! Border Foods is always looking to hire fresh talent to fill our restaurants.

Take a look at highlights from this year’s Family Fun Day in Montana: