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The below is attributed to Taco Bell Corp. and was first shared internally on MyTacoBell:

In 2022, a unique fundraising event was held at the FRANMAC Conference, where the naming of our new POS computer system was auctioned off. Border Foods was the auction winner and set in motion the collaboration with their leadership team in the process of selecting a name. The main motivator for choosing a name was to honor Carol Williams, a long-time operator with Border Foods, who passed away in 2018. Carol was a fierce leader and was an immense contributor to Border Foods’ success. Border Foods wants her to be honored for the amazing changes she brought not only to her franchise but also to those around her, “Border Foods has a great opportunity to honor Carol and ensure her legacy lives on – a lasting reminder of who she was and all that she did for our team.”

The initial communication within the organization helped the teams brainstorm ideas and allowed many to share memories of Carol and her legacy. There were so many creative names that were constructed and each one of them represented Carol’s warm personality. She was a people-first person, optimistic, reliable, a mentor, and fearless. The experience of the process selection was unique and a first for those involved, it will surely be remembered by the committee.

Through the passionate hard work contributed to selecting the perfect name to represent Carol’s legacy, it is with great pleasure that we announce Annspire as the new name of our POS computer system. Carol’s middle name is Ann and spire represents inspiration because she was an inspiration to everyone she touched. A special thanks to Kerry Endert for the dedication and guidance provided in this process selection experience. Carol’s legacy will continue at Taco Bell and in the lives of all that knew her.

Annspire POS will replace NextGen POS. It will also be used in POS training material, internal franchise-facing communication, RSCS catalog, and Service Desk support references. The name will also be mentioned in service announcements and upgrade notifications, etc.

Carol was truly an inspiration for those around her and her legacy will always be remembered, “The name for the new POS System will give everyone at Taco Bell a glimpse of Carol and the culture she created.”